Plant description


The control of process includes production of crude oil from DRY and WET banks, each bank consist of four stage separators.

Both banks include two first stage separators A and B, the oil level and the waste water level are controlled by a level control loop, while the pressure control loop control the gas pressure of the separators.

The second, third and fourth stages are managed by level control loop and pressure control loop.

Between second and third stages of WET bank only, an additional dehydration and desalting process for crude oil is provided.

After degassing process the crude oil is stored on flow tanks and distributed to Zubair plant through booster pumps and main pumps.


The CRUDE OIL degassing process can be satisfied using WET or DRY bank depending of quality of crude oil after verification on TEST SEPARATOR.





SSE carried out the preliminary survey and collected all the basic engineering information for replacement of existing instrument and valves.

SSE developed detailed engineering for instrument & valves sizing, DCS and ESD system.

All P&I’s has been designed and redrawn according to revamping instrument situation.

SSE purchased and supplied instrument field cables, junction boxes, local control station for motors, instrument & valves, DCS and ESD systems.

Installation activities includes civil works for new field and control room cable routing, existing instrument & valves dismounting, new instrument and valves, Junction boxes and local control station installation.

Existing control panels in control room has been removed and replaced with new DCS and ESD system.

SSE technicians operated during installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities, up to start-up of the complete plant, while SSE teacher trained the Customer’s operation and maintenance teams.

DCS and ESD panels features a GE IP PLC RX3i with “redundant” HOT STAND-BY CPU architecture and simplex I/O.


All installation revamping activity has been executed without interruption of plant normal production.

In order to satisfy this requirement, a sequential & partial shut-down of plant has been designed and managed during complete installation and start-up phase.












The new control system in control room is equipped with n° 2 operator workstation, n° 1 engineering workstation and n° 1 application workstation in multi-unit configuration based on GE Proficy HMI/SCADA Cimplicity supervisory and  configuration software.





SUPPLY N° 5 Distributed Control System cabinets (DCS)
N° 3 Emergency Shut-down System cabinets (ESD)
N° 1 Marshalling cabinet
N° 1 Engineering workstation
N° 2 Operator workstations
N° 2 Application workstations
N° 40 Control valves
N° 3 ON-OFF valves
N° 21 Flow instruments
N° 66 level instruments
N° 141 pressure instruments
N° 100 Temperature instruments
N° 8 vibration instruments
N° 33 junction boxes
N° 14 Local control stations
14000 meters of armoured field multicables
CONTROLLER Rx3i GE IP (General Electric Intelligent Platform)
SUPERVISION Cimplicity GE IP (General Electric Intelligent Platform)


Type  of Project:

Supply of Field instrument & valves, field instrument cables, junction boxes, DCS & ESD controll systems.

The    new    control   system shall     guarantee    a    very safe, robust, reliable, durable and cost effective means of crude oil degassing process, assuring safe operating conditions throughout the entire plant.


Scope of supply:

Revamping of field cables, JB’s  instruments & valves.

Design, Engineering, construction SW configuration and test of new DCS and ESD  control system cabinets.

Installation, Commissioning  and  start-up activity for field  cables, JB’s, instruments & valves, DCS & ESD cabinets in control rooms.




  • Higher  plant   “availability” thanks to reduced unplanned halts, reduced downtime for troubleshooting,
  • Full integrated plant wide control
  • Repairing and off the shelf spare parts.
  • Optimized plant performance resulting from prompt and accurate monitoring and control of functional parameters