Control Systems and Solutions

Integrated Control System for Rotating Machinery

SSE provides Integrated Control Systems for compression and Power Generation applications, both new and replacement.
These Control Systems manage the operation and security of gas turbines, steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, pumps, expanders, electric generators and motors.

Optimization & Upgrading

The technological evolution of our Control and Supervisory Systems is second to none in the Industry and offers innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency and productivity of Rotating Machinery.
SSE has gained considerable experience on different types of Rotating Machinery and technologies by upgrading the Control Systems of mature fleets.
Working closely with its clients SSE provides detailed analyses of existing systems and identifies the most suitable optimization or retrofit solutions.
Full turn-key solutions are implemented by experienced SSE engineers who supervise the installation and commissioning activities for the Control System upgrade.

Acquisition Systems and Real-time Simulations

SSE provides high speed Data Acquisition Systems based on real-time data processing platforms for Oil & Gas, Power Generation and other Industrial applications.SSE also develops accurate dynamic simulators for Rotating Machinery used in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.
These products, frequently used in R&D and testing departments, have proven to incorporate sound design and failure-free software over the years.

Performance Monitoring System for Preventive Maintenance

Reliability and performance depend heavily on how the efficiency of Rotating Machinery and related processes are monitored.
Measurement techniques and suitable tools enable proper monitoring of conditions and efficiency, to such extent a state of the art Monitoring System is crucial.SSE supports clients by optimizing/upgrading existing Monitoring Systems or replacing them with new systems in line with the latest technology.
SSE has developed innovative tool for monitoring performance applicable to a number of machines and processes. The tool enables clients to improve knowledge of the performance and operating conditions of machinery, which constitutes a vital factor in enhancing operating procedures and maintenance programs.
As a critical complement to preventive maintenance services, SSE offers clients a performance testing program to be carried out on existing and running Control Systems, aimed at assessing viable improvements or replacements.