For a quarter of a century, SSE has been operating in the field of industrial control solutions and undertakes the design, software development, production and commissioning of Control and Supervisory Systems for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and other industries.

SSE's main task is to provide and service Control and Supervisory Systems for Rotating Machinery and associated auxiliary systems, relying on a wide variety of high-performance Programmable Logic Controllers and dedicated Control Systems.

Highly skilled and qualified engineers, supported by state of the art technologies and tools, combined with maximum flexibility, provide excellent results by capitalizing on their track-record of over 800 installations.

All SSE engineers have a first-class academic education, complemented by multidisciplinary training and on-the-job sessions at SSE's Production Division, and their professional skills are periodically enhanced with specialized sessions to keep them up to date with evolutions in Control System technology. SSE sponsors a range of programs and mentors international post-graduate PhD engineers in partnership with the University.

SSE is fully committed to the strictest compliance with Quality policies. SSE's Quality Management System has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 for the following activities: "Design, production and servicing of control systems, automation and monitoring of industrial process performance"