Our employees represent our strongest asset, we value commitment and professionalism which are the keys of our success!

SSE supports active development within current roles, encouraging regular training and communication among the employees to further stimulate and expand knowledge and abilities.

SSE also actively promotes and encourages development and career progression in an international environment. We do appreciate all our employee’s contribution as well as passion for challenges … we can assure life in SSE will be an enriching experience.

The best way to enter SSE world is to take a look at some of employees’ experiences inside the company.

General application

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Job selection process

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Evaluation and focused interview for experts

Technical interview


Final choice and feedback


SSE works experience

Andrea Cupello

Training programs, Automation and on-field experience since the beginning at SSE… Now I’m in charge of Technical Development Training Center to support Company goals, throughout Engineers skills’ enhancement.

Iacopo Vannucchi

I am proud to be part of the SSE TEAM, leading Field Service Engineers and taking care of their career. The Field Service Engineering experience has been my first challenging step in technical professional growth, within the Oil&Gas and Power Generation industry.

Iacopo VannucchiService Director
Silvia Brachi

Since I started working in SSE, in 1999, I gained a 360° experience, in a challenging and dynamic environment, where I had the chance to develop a huge professional growth.